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Our Story

I founded Qlickwise in 2023, following a twenty-year SEO and Content Marketing career that began in 2002. I started as a computer scientist in Edinburgh, Scotland, but later moved into marketing to be a part of the early 2000s SEO revolution. Throughout my career, I worked for organisations of all sizes, both big and small. I established a content marketing division for large advertising agencies in Hungary, headed the search division of a large Swiss media house, and created strategies for the largest marketplaces in Europe.

After spending over two decades in digital marketing in multiple countries, I learned a lot about different cultures and the pros and cons of working for agencies. I decided to take action and create an environment for digital marketing that helps companies thrive regardless of their size.

Armed with a robust digital marketing background, our focus extends beyond SEO. We strive to help you build a solid foundation for effective marketing. While SEO is a key component of our strategy, we aim to coordinate various marketing channels to create a lead-generation machine and optimise your marketing budget simultaneously. We prioritise ROI (Return on Investment) and support our strategies with data to eliminate guesswork from our activities.

Why work with us?

We are a transparent and goal-oriented company with a clear purpose of creating successful campaigns for you, our client. We are only happy when you are with the results. Our KPIs will always be to impact your bottom line positively.

At Qlickwise, we embrace and leverage the latest AI and automation trends to enhance our clients’ efficiency and effectiveness. Our goal is to bring this attitude to the digital agency.

This approach is forward-thinking, and working with talented people from all across Europe allows Qlickwise to deliver top-tier expertise at a lower cost, giving your brand a competitive edge.


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The Mission of Qlickwise

At Qlickwise, we aim to help brands effectively connect with their audience. We achieve this by leveraging AI and data-driven insights to create and distribute engaging content, optimise your online presence for search engines, and prepare you for the new era of AI, where user behaviour will significantly transform. Our methods have proven to be highly effective in achieving these goals.

We understand the importance of every interaction and strive to make them count. Our proactive focus is on helping you build a future-proof business by preparing for the future of search and user behaviour.

Thank you for considering Qlickwise. With our highly experienced team, your brand’s digital journey is in the hands of experts, and we are ready to transform your online presence into something remarkable.

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Our Core Values

What is important for us

After years of navigating the corporate maze, a truth dawned on me: clients' real needs often took a backseat to internal politics. The quest for transparency felt like an uphill battle. Now, stepping into my own business world, my commitment is unwavering—to put your needs front and centre, ensuring your brand's impact and ROI soar. Transparency isn't just a buzzword for me; it's a promise for clear, straightforward communication at every turn of our journey.
Boosting your ROI and conversion rates with SEO and content marketing isn't just a dream—it's the goal and must be the goal of every campaign. We only care about your company's bottom line; this is what matters. However, the real challenge often lies in gauging their actual impact. This is where the importance of a solid measurement strategy comes into play. By setting this up from the beginning, you can keep a keen eye on the key metrics that matter and have a clear picture of what success looks like for your campaigns.
Over two decades in the trenches have taught us a vital lesson: real triumph comes from genuinely owning the product or brand you're working with. It's the reason I choose collaboration over mere employment. The more we understand your brand, the more impact we can have on your campaigns. Partner with us and gain a service provider and a devoted champion committed to delivering nothing short of excellence.